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Kre Alkalyn Bodybuilding Review

Kre-Alkalyn is one of the various forms of creatine available as a training aid. Kre-Alkalyn is a patented form of alkaline creatine, hence its name. This particular form of creatine, the Kre Alkalyn, was tested in a comparison with standard creatine monohydrate (creatine monohydrate was the earlier version of creatine used for boosting training). A couple of dozen members of the Bulgarian National Weightlifting Team were chosen to check out the effects of Kre-Alkalyn. It was a double blind clinical study and the results strongly favored Kre-Alkalyn.

The study revealed that Kre-Alkalyn was quite effective within a short (two months) time frame. The weightlifters taking Kre-Alkalyn gained notably more strength than those taking the creatine monohydrate. In fact the difference was quite considerable, with the Kre-Alkalyn group realizing an impressive strength gain of more than 28% beyond those weightlifters in the creatine monohydrate (the group average was 28+ percent higher).

One of the benefits of Kre-Alkalyn is that it is a buffered form of creatine. What advantage is that? This type of creatine is less acidic than other forms. It has a higher alkaline effect on the body (as its name suggests). Best of all, this means that the creatine does not break down into the undesirable form of creatine - creatinine. Creatine is a bad byproduct, the result of breakdown of creatine phosphate in muscle. You want to avoid this and Kre-Alkalyn is a form of creatine that helps you do so.

Since the Kre-Alkalyn form of creatine is not subject to the heavy breakdown, it is much better at reaching the muscle at a higher concentration. It also eliminates some of the earlier issues with creatine intake, such as bloating. One of the top factors is that you don't have to go on a loading phase and stuff your body full of large amounts of creatine. A smaller dose of the Kre-Alkalyn form of creatine does the trick.

Creatine is a special tool for the bodybuilder since it supports muscular growth and enhances energy output, allowing for a top end workout production in the gym. This form of creatine is the next evolution in building muscle.

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