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How To Get Massive Muscle Growth

We all know very well that the only way to gain massive amount of muscle growth requires some serious high intensity training with weights. Often it is something that we can see and feel and is very tangible when we get that much sort after "pump".

But that is only half of the solution when your objective is to gain muscle as training hard with all the energy that you can muster at the gym is not going to help you add muscle if you are not eating correctly. The problem is that when you decide to have a chicken breast instead of a chocolate sundae you will not be able to notice any tangible difference like feeling the pump.

It seems that all the experts agree that the quality of the meal that you have after your workout is more important than how many extra reps you can squeeze out at the end of a set. Often this does not come easy as grabbing a quick pie or a burger will only add fat to your body, so it needs planning.

You need extra calories in your body if you train hard on a regular basis but it is the quality of those calories that you are consuming that will make the difference to your muscle gain. It is also when you take in those extra calories as having a huge 1500 calorie meal just before you sleep is only going to add fat to your body.

Good quality protein throughout the day is something that your muscles require if they are going to correctly recuperate from your intense workouts. It is generally recommended that when pumping iron on a regular basis that you should eat up to 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight.

Eating a small meal every three hours that is balanced with complex carbs, good quality protein and essential fats will not only speed up our metabolism but will also get you the protein synthesis required to effect total repair from your intense workouts.

Eating a balanced meal after your workout is important for a number of reasons. The first is that the combination of carbs with your protein is stimulated into protein synthesis by the addition of insulin, produced because of the carbs, which has proven itself to be an effective anabolic hormone.

You need to stay hydrated which means always making sure that you are not only drinking water when you are thirsty as it is too late by that time. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is a habit that comes with practice just like anything else in life.

Muscle gains will vary from individual to individual so there is no "normal" expected return that you get from doing something. We all have a different genetic makeup and muscle growth is never linear as there are so many different variables that enable that growth so it is impossible to predict with accuracy.

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