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Mike Jenkins Steroid Death

Mike Jenkins was a strong man who had been an athlete all his life and was a football player in college who after that went on to play professional football. He turned his talents to training for strongman competitions in 2007 where he won the first time he entered at the Maryland's Strongest Man competition.

He went on to win the Arnold Strongman Classic in 2012 and seemed to be set to make his mark on the strongman world by getting his pro-card but his death at 31 years old sent a shock through all strength training supporters. Mike Jenkins was the owner of a CrossFit gym called Gamma Gym.

The authorities took seven months to finally release the autopsy that everyone was waiting for the cause of death. The explanation from the state coroner about the reason for the seven month delay was because of the specialized advanced toxicology reports that were required to verify the cause of death.

This complicated toxicology report also included any possible PED's that Mike may have been taking along with the normal full range of anabolic steroids listed. The findings were obvious as there were high levels of DMAA (methylhexanamine) in his blood at the time of death.

DMAA is like an amphetamine with similar effects on the body increasing blood-flow and speeding up the system. The Dauphin County Coroner called Graham Hetrick that announced the results from this advanced toxicology report said unequivocally that the cause of death was from the prolonged use of anabolic steroids.

He added that the size of Jenkins's heart was double the size of a normal man's heart, which he said comes directly from anabolic steroids. He also said that at 6 foot 6 inches and weighing 400 pounds it required his heart to be larger than normal in the first place but not double the size.

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