Mike Mentzer Training Routine

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Mike Mentzer Heavy Duty Workout Program

This workout was submitted, from ZAP of the Temple Street Gym . ZAP and Temple Street Gym are dedicated to "Heavy Duty (HD)" and "High Intensity Training (HIT)" methods as advocated by Mike Mentzer, Arthur Jones, and Dorian Yates who is a 6 time Mr. Olympia. While many can argue the methods of HD and HIT, we certainly cannot argue the results of Mentzer in his prime and Yates today. This workout can be performed in a standard home gym The only potential drawback is a need for 2 sets of dumbbell handles for some supersets called for, otherwise this is a great home gym type routine.

ZAP asked that this disclaimer be included with his routine:

"...there is a lot more to this routine than the sets and reps. I do not endorse doing this routine without first reading the book Heavy Duty II for more information on how to perform it properly. This will show (you) that HD II can be modified to fit individual needs. All exercises are done 1 set to failure. The specifics are covered in HD II..."

The Routine:

Day 1  Chest and Back
    DB flyes supersetted with flat or incline DB press
    DB pullovers supersetted with reverse grip barbell rows

Day 5   Legs
    Leg Extensions supersetted with Squats
    Calf raises

Day 9   Delts and Arms
    DB side raises
    DB rear delt laterals
    Barbell Curls
    Lying French Press supersetted with Dips

Day 13   Legs
    Same exercises as Day 5, Legs

Day 17
    Repeat cycle, beginning with Day 1, Chest and Back

ZAP did not include a "reps" goal. However according to M. Mentzer in HD I, you should do a weight you can do 6-10 reps with. When you reach 12 reps with that weight, add about 20% to the weight next workout.

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