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Bodybuilding and the Mind

The Mental Side of Bodybuilding

Building muscle is obviously a very physical activity and most people think of bodybuilding as totally physical. But in reality the mental side of bodybuilding makes up more than does the physical.

The mental side of bodybuilding is multi-faceted. There is first the overall strategy that a bodybuilder must come up with to plan a path forward. And a well thought out approach is far better than just shooting from the hip. You can make much more progress if you know what you are doing. And that's a mental element knowing what to do, and then doing it.

The overall strategy is just the start. There is also the specific tactics used in a routine. And setting this up is also a mental process.

There is also the mental preparation for each workout as far as the emotional element is concerned as well. You want to have your mind totally geared up to go for each and every workout and that process starts with your mind. It is the mental that pushes the muscle, not the other way around. Everything starts with the mind. You have to want to build up that body, to plan to build up that body, and then put that plan into practice.

The mental aspect also comes into play for the nutritional support necessary for building the body. Filmmaker Vlad Yudin, who produced the bodybuilding documentary Generation Iron, pointed out that these professional bodybuilders were "way more educated on nutrition than your typical person on the street." And that education comes from using the mind.

The mind is the tool employed to pump up motivation to get you to the gym again and again. Sometimes the muscles want to be lazy but the mind forces them to move ahead. You can't max out your muscles without making use of your mind.

Note: The best methods and techniques for unleashing the power of your mind to achieve your goals are contained in the book "Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health" by L. Ron Hubbard.

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