Mobile Trailer Gym

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Build a Mobile Trailer Gym for Business or Personal Use

Mobile Trailer Gym

No need to travel through traffic and waste your hard earned resources on registering at an expensive gym; you can always get the workout done in a mobile gym. If you guess a mobile gym is a gym on wheels that comes to you, then you guessed right. It is built on wheels and equipped with all the items you may ever see in a conventional type of gym. In fact, you will rarely note any difference. The mobile one is as effective as the conventional gym for a workout.

Many outlets provide this service today; they will bring the gym down to your home, giving you no excuse not to get a good workout for those rusty muscles of yours. You can also go a step further by building a mobile trailer gym for your personal use at home. If you like, you can also use the mobile trailer gym you have built for a business purpose. In this short write-up, you will be hinted at how to build your mobile gym. Do not think it is a difficult project; no, it is neither difficult not too expensive for an average Joe to put together.

The trailer gym does not have to be too big; an averagely-sized trailer will do perfectly. Look for a medium cargo container or a custom built airstream and fashion it out into a gym. Be that as it may, consider how many people you want to build the mobile trailer gym for before deciding on the size or length. Also, are you planning to use it for commercial or personal purpose? A commercial mobile trailer gym may be smaller in size compared to the one built for a commercial purpose.

Set up railings along the sides to act as hanging places for towels and other clothes that may be necessary for end users. Also, fit planks to the floor to absorb the sounds and stabilize the equipment. The planks must be sturdy so that they can withstand the pressure exerted by the heavy equipment in the mobile trailer gym. Make sure the stationary pieces of equipment are screwed to the floor of the gym where necessary to ensure stability while the individual is using them.

Virtually all the types of equipment being used in a conventional gym can also be fitted to a mobile gym. Examples of tools and equipment you can install in it are:

Barbells and Dumbbells


Stationary bike


You need to include as many of these machines as space will permit. This way, your clients will not get bored, a situation that can occur if they have to exercise using only one machine. Do not also forget that it is not advisable to workout using just one method or machine.

The issue of space is one of the concerns to consider while building a mobile trailer gym. You can, however, put paid to this concern by pushing the stationary equipment against one side of the mobile trailer; this will create free space for movement from one machine to another. You can take things to the next level by padding the sides and roof of the trailer; this will keep the interior cool. If you like, you can also install a heater or air conditioner in the mobile trailer gym.

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