Modern Bodybuilding vs Old

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Old School Bodybuilding vs Modern

What’s your favorite – modern bodybuilding or the Old School stuff? The modern bodybuilding movement is full of ever more massive monsters. The Old School approach, from the days of John Grimek and Vince Gironda up to the time that drugs started to play a prominent role in the contests (roughly around the time Arnold appeared on the scene) represented an entirely different style.

Both styles have produced their various champions and both have strong advocates but both are very different in many areas The Old School style utilized the training as the main pillar, with diet and other elements supporting the training.

The modern approach also includes training, but it is no longer the main pillar. Various drugs and ongoing eating throughout the day (to support all that muscle mass) have become as or more important than the training. And the side effects are that the modern bodybuilder looks puffy, even fat, when not in a posing situation. That’s not true of the Old School guys, who looked and stayed lean year round. One example – take a look at how Lee Labrada or Vince Gironda looked when they were not posing, and compare that with today’s champions such as Jay Cutler. Another difference - Old school guys didn’t have to deal with gynecomastia.

The modern bodybuilding approach overloads the major muscle groups to a point far beyond what the Old School training did. The modern approach would never be able to complete all of its training in a single session as some Old School workouts did. Why? Because modern bodybuilding calls for the performance of dozens of sets even on single muscle groups. For anyone not on a heavy cocktail of chemicals, this would quickly lead to overtraining.

The simple analysis is that the structure of modern bodybuilding is more set up for those on steroids and growth hormone, and the Old School approach works without the drugs. If you are a non-drug user and try to use the modern bodybuilding approach you will soon burn yourself out.

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