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Muscle Confusion Training Principle

In the world of bodybuilding there is an endless stream of information about the latest study done or the latest way to add muscle and lose fat. There are many different names that have been given to this type of training that are all based on the overload and progressive resistance principal.

The idea of training with muscle confusion type of training may seem to be a paradox to some of us who train to gain muscle and lose fat. The idea that one needs to confuse the muscle when the only reason a muscle is built is because of being progressively overloaded on a regular basis seems to be defeating the purpose.

One needs to make sure that one does not get confused with the proven facts on the effectiveness of “Periodization Training” and muscle confusion training, which is a phrase or a concept that was started by the famous Joe Weider. Periodization training and altering the training you are doing every 8 to 10 weeks is not muscle confusion, periodization is the only way to continue gaining muscle.

One could also call agonistic training like super-setting biceps with triceps as muscle confusion training as well. The point is that the idea of confusing your muscles into growing does not hold any proof. Switching from training your legs when you train chest as opposed to training your triceps after doing chest will not suddenly improve the growth of that muscle group.

The true essence of the MC or muscle confusion protocol that Joe Weider was talking had to do with changing everything about your training for one training session. That means changing the amount of sets you do, the reps in each set, the weight you lift, the volume, the rest you take between sets, as well as the order that you do these movements.

The idea is to break out of any training plateau that you might be slipping into and to make sure that you stay ahead of the game when it comes to building muscle. It is important to note that training like this every time you train will not get you results that gain muscle.

Muscle confusion training needs to be something that is added randomly to a specific workout schedule when a training plateau is anticipated. When MC is done correctly there is a good chance you will be sore the next day and stronger the next time you work that body-part.

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