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How To Build Muscle Foundation

Building a foundation on which you can add more muscle is not rocket science and relies on the basics just like it always has. We will be discussing these basics below to explain why these movements are vital when building a foundation to build on.

The first of these basic movements is the king of all exercise, which is the squat. When doing squats you are not only using over 200 muscles at the same time to lift the weight but you are also stimulating the release of testosterone without which you would not gain any muscle.

The second movement is deadlift, which will help increase your core strength, which is something that you can call on when required. Always make sure that you are using the correct form when doing any exercise as cheating will only result in injury.

The third movement when developing a foundation to build muscle is pull-ups or chin-ups. Usually done to the point of failure but if you are unable to pull yourself up you can do lat pull-downs or do assisted pull-ups. It is important to always change your grip when doing a pull-up so as to attack the complex muscles in the back from a slightly different angle.

The fourth movement is again for the back which have four huge interconnected muscle groups so doing a movement like barbell or dumbbell rows will thicken your lats and add more muscle to your back. This movement will develop the strength in your back to do pull-ups.

The fifth movement for building a foundation for your strength is the push-up which just like pull-ups should also be done to the point of failure. There are also countless variations that you can add to a push-up using and incline or decline or narrow or wide hands when doing a push-up.

The sixth exercise that is required when building a solid foundation for building strength is dips. If you lean forward when dipping you will be using more of your chest to complete the movement. By doing dips in a more upright position you will be concentrating on the triceps.

The last movement is the shoulder press done with either dumbbells or barbells and can be done seated or standing. If you press both in front and behind your neck you will be using all the muscles in your shoulders to get stronger and build a foundation of muscle that you can build on.

In conclusion it needs to be added that although many of the movements listed above are done with bodyweight to failure like dips and pull-ups you should be advised that working reps of 6 to 10 is the ideal. You should only increase the weight when you can do 10 or 12 reps without reaching the point of failure.

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