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Is There a Genetic Limit to Muscle Growth?

The answer to that question has now been conclusively proven by science, which shows us that this limit will vary from person to person and will always decline, as you get older. With the correct training techniques one can reach the limit of your genetic muscle strength and keep it so for years to come.

Every muscle cell has other satellite cells, which surround the muscles, and they all contribute their own little nuclei to each muscle cell. This results in stimulating these muscles cells to produce more genetic material enabling your muscles to grow.

The difference between us common mortals and a competitive bodybuilder is that a bodybuilder with great genetic bodybuilding potential will have more satellite cells that surrounds their muscles, producing even more satellite cells as a response to hard high intensity training.

The problem is that everyone will respond differently when it comes to gaining muscle. The extremely varied genetic variation will dictate how fast and for how long you will continue to add muscle before you reach your genetic limit of muscle strength and therefore muscle growth.

For example some people are genetically programmed to never gain muscle size no matter what effort they put into bodybuilding. However the maximum size that a muscle will be able to grow is also dictated by the length of the muscle fibers that you are born with.

A good example is the length of the biceps, which are attached to two points on the upper arm. If you happen to be born with your biceps attached closer to the shoulder than other people and also your second attachment at a point nearer to the elbow than most people you will have large biceps and a good chance at being a successful competitive bodybuilder.

But becoming successful at bodybuilding just because you are able to develop a full bicep is very unlikely. A successful competitive bodybuilder is someone who is able to take all his muscles to the point of their maximum genetic potential. It demands total dedication and a full commitment.

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