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Hypertrophy Specific Training

Although most training is intended to be hypertrophy specific (after all, isn't the ultimate end goal of bodybuilding to produce "bigger" muscles?) there is a particular training style tabbed hypertrophy specific.

Tendons as Well as Muscles

Hypertrophy Specific Training (HST) is somewhat unique in that it targets the tendons as well as the muscles. It employs lactic acid to help repair and heal tendons. This occurs through a higher than typical repetition range. The goal here is to tax the metabolism, and to enhance healing of the tendons via high repetitions.

Compound Preferred

HST primarily utilizes compound movements to put as much of a load on the muscles as possible. This allows fewer exercises per week to be performed as the compound action takes care of more than one muscle group per week.


HST is a workout scheme that spreads the work on individual workouts over the course of a weekly routine. Instead of doing all the work on a muscle group in one session or so, the workload is spread out into several different sessions. The give and take here is that you don't perform as much work in any single session, but when you add up all the training over a week long period the total training for the muscle group is similar and certainly enough.

Mixed Muscle Attack

The HST approach is more of a mixed routine it incorporates the training of several different muscle groups in any one workout. This is great for both metabolic activity and recovery as it allows the whole system to be worked as one, and rested as one. Some training schemes have the body performing some workout almost every day whereas HST allows some decent time for rest and recovery.

Give the Hypertrophy Specific Training a shot and see how your body responds to this different style of working out.

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