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Muscle Priority Training Principle

Muscle priority training is what bodybuilding is all about because we are all born with a different genetic make up which means we all do not grow muscles at the same rate and neither do our muscle groups. What this means is that you might find that your chest seems to add more muscle than your legs do even if you do the same volume on both body-parts.

This is not unusual and happens to even the most genetically gifted bodybuilder. The idea behind muscle priority training is to train your weakest body-parts at the start of your workout and never at the end of the workout. This makes sense as you will have more focus because you will not be as tired as you will be at the end of your workout.

We all have a body-part that needs to catch up when training the whole body once or twice a week. If you train for about a year with weights on a regular basis and you take a look at yourself in a swimsuit you will definitely see weak links. It is famous body-builders like Steve Reeves, Frank Zane and Bob Paris who managed to present a perfectly proportioned symmetrical body that was aesthetically pleasing and perfectly balanced.

It comes from going about bodybuilding in an intelligent way and not just going to the gym to do bench-press to impress your friends with big pecs. Bodybuilding is about balance, proportion and symmetry as well as muscle size. It is unfortunate that muscle size has become the priority and not balance and proportion but you still will not win any bodybuilding contest with a huge chest and skinny legs.

The idea of muscle priority training is also done in other sports all with the objective of putting maximum effort into the weak links of an athlete. For example a dancer who has difficulty with one type of dance step would always start training in an attempt to make it fault-less.

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