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Muscle Building Shock Techniques

Muscle Shock Workouts

One of the most basic elements of the human body is its adaptability to input. Lay on a couch too long and you turn into a couch potato. Run long distances and you get lean. The body changes to handle the load put on it.

There is one big caveat to the body's morphing action, however. It is brief. That is particularly true for building muscle. That is why those new to working out experience quicker gains than those who have been training for some time.

The body will allow some gains initially, then it is as if you hit a wall and are unable to make any more progress. A young fellow will find it much easier to take his biceps from 14 inches up to 15 inches than he will to try and take it further up to 16 inches. Each additional layer of muscle is harder to obtain. That'’s because the body likes to "revert to the mean" or to the point where it is easier to carry the body weight load. It fights the entire idea of putting on more muscle beyond a minimum amount.

To blast past the body's reluctance, one great training tool is the shock system. You literally shock the body away from its mooring to the past level. You blow up any pretense of staying with the status quo.

No less an authority than Arnold Schwarzenegger used these shock workouts to force his body to the next level of development. Arnold and a buddy would load up a vehicle and take some weights out into the woods and perform squats or some other lift for hours. That's right – hours. And he would notice a big gain – maybe quarter of an inch of muscle or so, from the shock routine.

Arnold wasn't the only authority to delve into shock therapy. Vince Gironda was also an advocate of shocking the muscles. His approach wasn’t as extreme, but he did advocate taking a day and working the biceps every hour for a few sets for the duration of a day.

There are literally hundreds of ways to shock the muscles. The key is to make it an occasional effort instead of trying to do it too often (then it isn't a shock anymore).

Take some area and simply blow them up. If you typically perform 3-4 sets of squats, for example, get in a workout of 20 or 25 sets. Give the muscles no choice but to grow.

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