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How to Increase Muscle to Fat Ratio

Positive traction on the muscle-to-fat ratio is the holy grail of bodybuilding. In fact not only do you want to increase the ratio, you want to get the two factors going in the opposite direction – muscle going up and fat going down.

You initially get this result when you first start working out. The body responds to weight work and a better diet by forcing the muscles to grow and burning off fat at the same time. But that result, as nice as it is, is hard to keep coming. After awhile the body adapts and you hit a plateau where muscle doesn’t improve much and where the fat loss also ceases.

At this point some guys panic and start training ever harder, straining as hard as possible to force more gains. Often overtraining occurs and the opposite result happens – your body starts to lose some muscle mass and gain a bit of fat back.

Instead of overtraining, simply rotate a recumbent bike workout into your routine. How can this help the muscle-to-fat ratio? You perform the recumbent biking in interval fashion. You get in a warm up for a couple of minutes, then you sprint on the cycle as fast as you possibly can go for 30 seconds. At the end of 30 seconds, back the intensity down to a moderate to slow pace, then after 90 seconds of this, blast off for 30 seconds of sprint cycling. Work up to 8 sprint intervals on the cycle.

The sprint intervals will produce a growth hormone effect in the body. And that effect will in turn improve your muscle-to-fat ratio markedly. Research conducted at King’s Daughters Medical Center under David Braden, M.D, revealed a 770+% increase in human growth hormone in the body resulting from high intensity training. And that growth hormone effect in turn increased muscle by double digit percentages while decreasing body fat – all at the same time. This powerful effect comes when you stimulate that growth hormone.

Interval training is a powerful tool for increasing muscle while at the same time trimming off body fat. Even one workout a week can be beneficial.

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