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Can You Build Muscle Without Steroids

It's a sad statement on the condition of modern professional bodybuilding that this question would even be asked.

Today, muscle has become so associated with the use of anabolic steroids that anyone that has a great build is subjected to pointing and whispering about steroid usage.

The truth is that professional bodybuilders all use anabolic steroids and other drugs. And if your goal is to be a pro bodybuilder then you will need to use steroids, although I don't know whey you would want to as they don't make much money at all and many die in they 50's due to the damage the drugs did to their bodies.

But aside from the freaks you see in pro bodybuilding contests, there are many people in the gym or in natural bodybuilding shows that have built a really good amount of muscle without the use of any drugs.

Before the 1960's all bodybuilders were natural, search for pictures of these classic bodybuilders such as Steve Reeves, John Grimek, Reg Park, etc. and you will see what is possible without steroids.

Realize that genetics is also a factor, and no amount of steroids will make up for poor genetics, but you can still be the best you possible without having to risk your health though drug use.

The truth is that everyone who ever told me they wanted to try steroids, when I asked them about their current workout and diet were not training or eating right to gain muscle mass.

Steroids do not make up for incorrect workouts or nutrition, but if you do workout right, eat right and take the right natural and legal supplements you can in fact build a very impressive amount of muscle.

There is nothing more satisfying then being completely natural and having someone ask "Dude are you on steroids?".

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