Peak Contraction Reps

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Peak Contraction Training Principle

Everything about a workout is important from the time between sets to the exercises you employ, everything counts. And that goes all the way down to the very repetition itself.

The importance of the rep is magnified in the Peak Contraction Principle. This lifting technique focuses the critical part of the lift on the contraction point at the upper end of the movement.

Using peak contraction works like this you lift the weight up in the normal manner, but when you hit the top of the move, such as the full extension of the close grip bench press, or the point of the curl where the bar is at the upper end, you deliberately contract your muscles as hard as possible. And you contract them longer than normal.

The muscles are naturally contracting to help you lift the weight, but you double down on the intensity load by forcing the muscles to contract even harder and longer.

The peak contraction principle is extremely intense and calls for an extremely intense focus. It is as much mental as it is physical. And it is a superb way to keep the muscle under tension. The peak contraction principle elevates time under tension for the muscle, forcing new growth.

The peak contraction principle can be used on any muscle. It tends to work best on isolation movements but can be used on some compound lifts such as the close grip triceps bench press. The use of this style of training turns every single repetition into its own workout.

You won't need to do as many sets when performing with the peak contraction principle. And you will get a huge pump if you get in even a few repetitions in the peak style. If you are looking for a way to breathe new life into your ability to get huge pumps, the peak contraction workout is definitely the way to go.

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