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My Success Story from Eating a Plant Based Diet

There are countless success stories of people who changed their lives eating a plant diet. From triple-bypass surgery patients with type II diabetes, to obese people with more than 30% of their bodyweight being fat. The success stories of people who are willing to make, and stick to a commitment to eat plant foods only, continue to come in every day as America fights obesity.

Personally, I have been through the diet roller-coaster that most Americans seem to get caught up in. When I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes along with high blood pressure and a seriously high cholesterol count. I was 274lbs, which means I was fat as I'm only 5'7" tall.

My joints ached all the time because of the seriously high statins I needed to take to try lower my dangerously high cholesterol. I would get completely winded just climbing up a flight of stairs, but that was because I never did any exercise of any description.

I should explain that there have been countless diets that I have tried, from the high protein-low carb diets to fruit diets, I've tried them all. The problem was always the same, when I stopped the diet my fat would come back worse than it was before I started the diet.

It took a few years, but I finally realized the only way that I'm going to not die from a heart attack and obesity is by changing my lifestyle. After doing some research online I decided to commit to the plant strong diet and this process needed me to remove any and all refined carbs and processed foods I had.

It was like a spring clean, where I landed up giving away about $200 worth of processed foods I found in my kitchen cupboards. After looking at a few recipes I went out and bought some fresh foods like kale, quinoa, farro, steel-cut oats and started cooking. Following specific instructions recommended by the plant-strong diet which is nutritional yeast to my salad dressings.

Over the next two weeks I slowly started developing a taste for certain foods like sweet potatoes, lentils and berries, I would also add foods like chickpeas to make up what I thought was a very tasty vegan meal. I also got into the habit of mixing in foods like hemp seeds and peanuts to my salads.

The first 30 days were the worst, I needed to re-learn how to cook and how to buy. But within the first few weeks, with a LOT of determination I was able to prepare delicious plant based meals that I just followed the recipe. This is actually a vegan diet and not a vegetarian diet because I was trying to stay away from all dairy products.

I found the development of my cooking abilities changed as I developed the habit of walking for about 30 minutes every day in the park down the road from me. After 13 months, daily walks and weight training 3 times a week, my waistline had gone down from 44 inches to 34 inches. I had lost 76lbs and my BP as well as my cholesterol have gone down so much that I have now stopped all my cholesterol medication.

I now had no problem climbing a flight of stairs. My stomach has shrunk considerably because now I'm able to get that full feeling after only eating, what I would've considered a year ago to be a very small amount. The plant only diet I went on doesn't bend any rules and is strictly a vegan based diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes without adding oils. It's hardcore stuff but it works.

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