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Power Rack Workouts for Muscle Mass and Strength

The power rack is an essential training tool. Most guys who do use it do so to squat as it provides a safe environment to handle huge loads. The power rack, however, can also be used to build up tremendous power and also to overcome sticking points in your big lifts.

A power rack can be used to overcome the weak point in your lifting. For instance, if you have a hard time locking out a big load in the bench press, you can isolate that lock out region and bring it up to speed. To do so, you set the cross bars in the rack in the area of your lockout range. You place a bench in the power rack, and then you put the cross bars in the power rack at a point where you are pushing the weight load for the final 3 inches upward and no more. The entire session is spent on the 3 inch push.

From this point you work that 3 inch push, employing ever heavier weight loads. You learn to lock out the bench press with super heavy amounts. Then, when you return to the regular bench press action, you can get the load all the way up much easier than before.

You can use the power rack in this manner for a variety of movements military press, squat, etc. You isolate your weak point and then really spend some effort on training that area.

Attacking your weak points is not the only way the power rack can come in handy. You can also use it to get the feel of some super heavy loads. That is, you can use it to take your strong points even higher. You can perform the "top" deadlift, for example, where you deadlift a weight the final 3 inches upward. Or squat just 5 inches in depth. This allows you to put on crazy weight loads and introduces your body to some super heavy duty amounts.

The power rack is a great training tool and you can use it in dozens of ways to give your body something new to think about.

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