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Power Rep Range Shock Workout Routinet

If you are a bodybuilder that has been training more than a year on a regular basis then you will know very well about diminishing returns. The stronger you get and the more muscle you have the more difficult it is to put on more muscle and this is a fact of gaining muscle whether we like it or not.

The development of the power rep range shock system was specifically designed to solve this problem of diminishing returns. It is scientifically based on the fact that when recruiting ALL the muscle fibers in a muscle group you are training you need to activate both the slow-twitch muscle and the fast-twitch muscles.

We are all born with a specific amount of fast and slow twitch muscle fibers in every muscle in our bodies. Marathon runners have predominantly slow-twitch muscle fibers and bodybuilders and sprinters have predominantly fast-twitch muscle fibers.

The reason why you stop gaining muscle and strength from hard training is because your body has adapted to the stress that you are giving it. Your muscles are able to adapt to the demand you are putting on them by using other slow or fast twitch muscles fibers that are neither total fast-twitch or total slow-twitch muscle fibers but a combination.

The power rep range shock routine is a training system that is very specific and is for a three week cycle with the first week being the power week. The second week is the rep range week and the third week is the shock week. The adjustments of both sets and reps as well as tempo are vitally important here.

In your first week called the power week you are doing low reps with a heavy weight to activate all your fast twitch muscle fibers. The eccentric movement during power week needs to be a slow 4 seconds before exploding on the concentric contraction to complete the movement.

The second week called the rep range week the tempo changes to 2 seconds on the eccentric and 2 seconds on the concentric while dramatically increasing the rep range to a maximum of 15 reps. The shock week the tempo is changed again to 1 second up and 1 second down using reps of 8 done with a superset.

Below is the routine for three weeks which should be trained continuously to always ensure that you continue to add muscle no matter how much muscle you already have.

Power week
Bench-press 4 X 4-6
Incline D/B press 3 X 4-6
Military Press 4 X 4-6
Upright rows 3 X 4-6
Squats 4 X 4-6
Deadlift 4 x 4-6

Rep Range week
Bench-press 3 X 10-12
Incline D/B press 3 X 12-15
Military Press 4 X 10-12
Upright rows 3 X 10-12
Squats 4 X 12-15
Deadlift 4 x 12-15

Shock week
Bench-press 3 X 8 superset with Incline D/B press 4 X 8
Military Press 4 X 8 superset with Upright rows 4 X 8
Squats 4 X 8
Deadlift 4 x 8

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