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Why Do Bodybuilders Lie About Steroids

The truth is all professional bodybuilders use steroids; they also use human growth hormone, synthol, etc.

So, why don't they just come out and admit it?

There are at least two reasons why bodybuilders lie about using steroids:

1) Steroids are illegal.

In the USA use of anabolic steroids for purely cosmetic purposes (as they are used in bodybuilding) is illegal. As a matter of fact steroids are considered a class III substance that has the same penalties for possession and sale as does cocaine and heroin.

So don't expect someone to stand up and tell everyone he is committing a felony by using anabolic steroids.

The very fact that they look the way they do is a full admission that they do use them, but it seems they do so much lying about it that they have people convinced you can look like something from outer space naturally.

2) They are trying to sell you something

Bodybuilders make very little money just from the contests they compete in, so they have to make more by selling personal training, books, supplements, etc.

So they claim that their training or some supplement is the secret to their success, in order to do that they have to lie and say they don't use steroids or at least not mention the fact that they do.

So those are the reasons that bodybuilders won't tell you the truth about steroids.

Now not every built person is on the juice, there is such a thing as a natural bodybuilder, but when you see someone that is so big he looks like hes from another planet and that person tells you he's natural - you will know he is lying.

Here at we believe in drug free bodybuilding, for lifelong muscle, fitness and health.

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