Arthur Jones Nautilus Pullover Machine

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nautilus pullover machine

What is the Nautilus pullover?

The Nautilus pullover machine is part of a line of exercise machines designed by Nautilus. Arthur Jones, the founder of Nautilus, first developed the machine in 1970.

Like a conventional pullover machine, it features a chair and a lever above the head. Doing the exercise requires you to push down the lever to the core. This must be done without gripping the bar to increase efficiency. During the first version of the pullover machine, Nautilius (spiral) shaped cam were used. They implemented this because it increased the resistance compared with conventional methods.

Because of this increased force, different muscle groups worked harder. These muscle groups include the latissimus dorsi (lats), the pectorals, the triceps, the teres major, deltoids, the rhomboids, the levator, the obliques, and the intercostals. The pullover works as many muscles in the upper body as doing a squat for the lower body!

Nautilus pullover machine muscles worked

The primary muscle that gets worked is the latissimus dorsi. This machine was created for lats because by performing a pullover lets you exercise it in insolation. The latissimus dorisare fan shaped muscles that reaches from the armpits all the way to the hips. Other muscles such as those listed above are ones that closely connect to the lats. Arm muscles such as the triceps get a workout from the movement, same with the shoulder muscles and core. This is the type of workout used to gain mass.

Nautilus pullover machine alternatives

Nothing compares to the use of a Nautilus pullover machine. However, not many gyms come equipped with this type of machine. The only way to target the number of muscles used by a pullover is to work on over 9 different free-weight exercises. There exists a few alternatives that mimics the actions of a pullover machine. They are the barbell pullover, dumbbell pullover and straight arm lat pulldown exercise.

The Nautilus pullover machine is one of a kind. If you want to have a back as big as a great ape, the Nautilus pullover machine is for you.

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