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Pyramid Training Workout Program

Pyramid training is probably as old as bodybuilding itself because it makes sense to train in a way that is protecting the person from injury and still able to train to the point of failure. Pyramid training is done using two different types of pyramid training and the one is called reverse pyramid training done in the following way.

The warm-up or start of pyramid training begins with high repetitions with a light weight doing a pre-set number of reps in the first set. After a rest is taken more weight is added to the previous set done and then another set is performed doing slightly less repetitions because of the heavier weight.

Often bodybuilders will include doing reverse-pyramids which is getting to the fifth or sixth set working with the maximum weight that can be lifted for only 4 or 5 reps. The next set is reversed where the weight is reduced and the reps are increased to get back to where the pyramid started with high reps on a light weight.

There are some bodybuilders who only train reverse-pyramids when they do use pyramids and start with a heavy weight which they push for a few reps and then reduce the weight and increase the reps. Training like this is certainly not recommended by the experts without making sure you are fully warmed up.

Starting with a light weight with lots of reps makes perfect sense as it warms up the connective tissues involved in that movement as well as starting to pump some blood into the targeted muscle group. The idea is to slowly reach the point of overload by calling and finally exhausting all the muscle fibers in the body-part targeted.

Pyramid training can be broken down into two different kinds of pyramids and the first is ascending pyramids which is selecting any movement and then select a weight doing 12 reps. The weight is then increased slightly as the next set of 10 reps is done and then 8 reps and then 6 reps always increasing the weight.

The other type of pyramid training is descending pyramids where the weight is decreased as the reps are increased which is not a safer option as it will have more chance of causing injury. Here the first set will be a heavy weight for 6 reps and then reducing the weight for 8 reps, then 10 and 12 reps.

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