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Cybergenics Quicktrim 14 Day Weight Loss Program Review

This is day 14, my "target" day, of my Cybergenics QuickTrim weight loss program.  I thought that you might like to know about my experiences.


I started QT on 1 September.  When I started I was at 243 pounds and 25% bodyfat (skinfold measurement.)  I'm 6'5" tall, male, and 32 years old.


The QuickTrim program is designed for high weight loss for a specific purpose (class reunion, wedding, etc.) over a 14 day period.  In my experience, it achieves these goals.  My objective with this diet was somewhat different then its design goal: I used it as a jump-start for a more traditional, long-term diet and exercise program (and to avoid buying larger clothes for the fall ;-).  


The QT diet consists of picking a target weight 5-30 pounds below your current weight.  I picked 33 pounds below: 210 pounds.  Once you have selected your target weight (which is *NOT* necessarily the weight you expect to be at when you finish this program) you can determine your protien and carb intake for each day.  You get one gram of protien for every pound of target weight (210 grams/day, in my case) and either 1/4 or 1/2 gram of carbs for each pound, depending on whether you are on a high-carb or a low-carb day.  Yes, this is a carb-cycling diet.

The QT program includes two different supplements, to be taken at different times during the day.  Breakfast and lunch are preceeded by a lipotropic (fat burning)energy supplement supplement for the duration of the program. Before bed a "Botanical Cleansing" and water purge supplement is taken on an empty stomach. These supplements appear to come from mostly natural sources.

The diet also specifies 1-1/2 to 2 gallons of water daily for the first 10 days.  Days 11-14 are water depletion days, to flush out subcutaneous water.  I was unable to cut myself back to the recommended 1 quart (+/-) per day for those days, and I drank about a half-gallon per day.  So shoot me, I've always drank about a gallon a day!


QuickTrim requires aerobic exercise, twice a day.  The program suggests that exercising for 1/2 hour before the first meal and 1/2 hour after the last meal is the best regimen.  After a couple of days of experimentation, I settled for 20 minutes of stair-stepper work in the upper half of my aerobic range (145-160 bpm) in the morning and 30 minutes of running in place/calesthenics in the lower half of my aerobic range (130-145 bpm) at night.  This worked out well for me, and was far less abusive than trying to do two 30-minute sessions on the stair-stepper.


In 13 days, I have lost 17 pounds.  My weight went from 243 to 226. My percentage of bodyfat went from 25% to 19%.  These measurements were taken at the same time of day, etc.  I would say that it worked.


Now I'm embarking on a long-term diet and exercise program.  I figure that 215 pounds at 6-8% bodyfat is a nice goal.  I'll keep doing the nightly aerobics, and do a Mon, Wed, Fri whole-body weightlifting workout in the mornings, with stair-stepping aerobics on the other
four mornings.  I've nuked almost all fat from my diet, and I'll be
keeping the sodium and other nasties down, too.

Cybergenics Quik Trim is not currently available, email us below for updates:

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