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Keys to Rapid Muscle Growth

If you are looking to spark rapid muscle growth, consider this one technique a big blowout top. In the world of stocks and finance, analysts know that the peak of a price range has been reached when the stock hits a blow-out top. That's when the stock surges at the end of a big price incline.

In a similar way, you can use a blow-out top push for your training. Some guys let their workout kind of come to an end with a whimper instead of a bang. Reverse that and make your last set your best set.

To make this strategy work, aim at finishing your workout within 30 minutes. Yes, some guys pound away for an hour or more but that is a huge mistake. Vince Gironda pointed out that testosterone and other hormone activity levels drop rapidly after about 40 to 45 minutes of training. This means that you don't want to go near this hormone drop cliff. Instead, wrap your workout up in 30 minutes, and wrap it up with the hardest training at the conclusion.

Finishing hard will force your muscles to think that they really need to respond hard to meet that blow-off top set, so they grow bigger. And being adaptable, the body gets there quickly. It doesn't want to face this issue in the future, so it responds by building up the muscle to deal with it. And if you are pushing it while within the testosterone activity range (workouts 40 minutes long or less) you get the advantage of testosterone uptake as well.

To get the rapid growth, give your workout one final surge of super activity. Gear up mentally, and put out one final set of focused, hard core, perfect form intensity and get that rapid growth you are seeking.

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