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Robby Robinson The Black Prince of Bodybuilding


By Trevor Smith

Robbie Robinson has been a legend in the sport of bodybuilding for over 25 years.  He was there during Arnold's reign, he was there during Haney's reign and he was there during Dorian's reign.  And he wasn't just there during these 25 years he was COMPETING!!

Remember the inaugural Arnold Classic....Robbie Robinson lost a very close decision to Rich Gaspari and most people felt the show was rightfully Robbies.

In the 1990's Robbie captured the first Masters Olympia--a show designed specifically for Lou Ferrigno to win no less.  In the latter part of the 1990's Robbie seemed to slow down and it seemed as though the Black Prince was done with the sport.  Still competing at the Masters Olympia, Robbie just didn't look the same and each year for the past 3 years it looked like the fire was gone and the show was automatically Vince Taylor's, with Robbie fading into obscurity.

A few months ago Robbie Robinson started having me consult with him on getting back into top form and into the swing of things again.  I made some drastic changes to his regime and then I did not see him for a few months.

He called me up 7 weeks ago asking me to come take a look at him and make any corrections I see fit to help his quest to re-capture the Masters Olympia title.  No small feat considering Robbie had just turned 54 years old.....That's right 54.

I told Robbie that I thought he could shock the world if along with taking my advice he trained in the style I train in and advocate.....Beyond Failure Training.  Robbie was game for anything it seemed---little did he know what lie ahead.

Over the next 7 weeks I trained Robbie 4 times per week and each session lasting 25-30 minutes tops (trust me Robbie will tell you it was too much)  What happened was one of the most amazing transformations I have ever seen.  Not only did Robbie re-gain his top form of all time...he surpassed it.  His once shallow chest was now thick and round, his triceps were bigger and fuller than ever, his back was at it's all time widest, and the most shocking improvement were his legs.  Once a horrible weakness, Robbie's legs were now separated, vascular columns complete with outer sweep and hamstrings for the first time in his entire life.

As of today Robbie is leaving to fly to the Masters Olympia in Roanoke Virginia, to be held in conjunction with the Jan-Tana.  I felt it was important to let the world see what can be achieved with the right information, the right guidance and the will to always learn and improve.  Most professionals have terrible attitudes and have a hard time excepting the fact that someone who is not yet themselves a pro could help them out in any way....they think they know it all.  Not Robbie Robinson.

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