Samir Bannout Workout

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Samir Bannout Bodybuilder Workout Routine

Samir Bannout Workout

When Samir Bannout won Mr Olympia in 1983 he blew the audience away showing striations in his back muscles with his immaculate shape and symmetry. Samir stood on stage with a depth and muscle separation in his back showing the bodybuilding world a perfect Christmas tree in the middle of his well-balanced back.

Samir had a smaller frame than most men who've won the Mr Olympia title, but he made his 210 lbs look a lot larger than it actually is. He did this by focussing most of his training on his triceps, because he knows that our triceps account for most of our upper-arm/upper body mass.

After Samir took his Sandow Mr Olympia trophy home the bodybuilding press suddenly wanted to know how he got that magic Christmas tree in his back. This Lebanese bodybuilder simply explained that he was an Olympic weight-lifter before he started training as a bodybuilder.

He explained that bodybuilders who want that Christmas tree effect need to do the Clean and Jerk and Bent-over Rows that he uses as his bread and butter movements to slowly add more muscle and strength to his back. Any other movements are listed below is showing how Samir developed that magic back he has.

Clean and Jerk

Chin Ups

Bent-over Rows

In Samir's opinion a bodybuilder is lifting a weight to reach a point of muscle fibre damage causing the muscle to repair stronger and larger than before it was before being ripped apart.

Samir explains that his objective is to focus only on his performance and the form he uses. He says that counting reps distracts him because his objective is to reach muscle failure on that specific targeted muscle group. When that is achieved he moves on to the next body-part, no point in counting reps according to Samir Bannout.

Below is a copy of the split routine Samir would train before a big competition. He would train this split 3 days, then 1 day of rest and repeat:

Day 1: Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps
1: Front D/B or B/B raises 4 X 8-15 reps
2: D/B Lateral raises 4 X 8-15 reps
3: Bent-over later raises 4 x 15 reps
4: Press Behind Neck 4 X 15 reps
5: Alternate D/B curls 4 X 8-12 reps 6: Preacher curls 4 X 8-12 reps
7: Concentration curls 4 X 8-12 reps
8: Triceps push-downs 4 X 8-12 reps
9: One arm D/B triceps ext. 4 X 8-12 reps
10: Dips 4 X 8-12 reps

Day 2: Legs, Calves and Abs
1: Leg Extension 8 X 10 reps
2: Leg Curls 5 X 1 reps
3: Straight legged deadlifts 4 X 10 reps
4: Lunges or Hack Squats 4 X 12 reps
5: Squats 6 X 8-10 reps
6: Standing calf raises 8 X 15 reps
7: Seated calf raises 8 X 15 reps
8: Sit-ups 4 X 25 reps
9: Leg raises 4 X 25 reps
10: Intercostal crunches on pulley 4 X 30 reps

Day 3: Chest and Back
1: Bench-press 6 X 8-10 reps
2: Incline Press 6 X 8-12 reps
3: D/B Flys 4 X 8-15 reps
4: D/B pullovers 4 X 8-15 reps
5: Dips 4 X 8-12 reps

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