Shoulders Exercises

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Bodybuilding Exercises for Shoulders ( Deltoids )

Standing Side Laterals

  • With dumbells in each hand, hold the weights at arm's length in front of you.
  • Lift the weights up and out from the body until the arms are parallel with the floor.
  • Slightly turn the wrists so that the front of the dumbells dip below the rear of the dumbells.
  • Bring the weights back down together in front of you. Don't bang them together.
This exercise worksthe outer and rear deltoid.

Lying Front Cable Raise
  • On the cable crossover machine, using a short straight bar, lie down on the floor facing the machine.
  • Grip the bar with your wrists turned up.
  • Raise the weight to just above eye level.
  • Pause in the top position, then lower the weight to the bottom, keeping the tention on the delts.
This exercise works thefront head of the delts.

Pec Dec Rear Delt Laterals
  • Sit facing the pad gripping the handles w/ your palms facing in.
  • With your elbows up keep your chest flat against the pad, and pull the bars back as
Lat shrugs can also be implimented at the end of every set of every execise if desired. This is great added intensity to your back workout.

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