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How To Build Muscle Without Steroids

Unfortunately there are too many "bodybuilders" or weight trainers out there that think taking steroids will somehow miraculously help them to gain muscle. The truth is that any steroid that you take might be able to increase your muscle gain by 5 to 10 percent and that is only if everything else is done right.

Too many people think that with some training and taking steroids they will gain muscle. But this is a fallacy that is nowhere near the truth because the only proven way to gain muscle is with hard work, blood, sweat and tears, together with total dedication, lots of persistence, motivation, good nutrition and very precise planning.

Do not kid yourself that taking steroids will solve your problem in your desire to add muscle. Every-body reacts differently to both nutrition and training. The objective for anyone who wants to add muscle is to first learn how their own body reacts to these stimuli.

Gaining muscle mass has to be done without taking steroids otherwise you are just fishing in the dark not knowing why you put on muscle. Gaining muscle comes from planning. That means planning your daily nutrition, planning your daily training and planning your rest and recuperation after your intense workouts.

There is simply no magic pill that we can take where all this effort is done for you. Taking supplements is completely useless if you do not have the nutritional foundation on which you supplement your additional required vitamins, minerals and various hormones.

If your objective is to build muscle then you need to start setting goals when you train. There is no such thing as a training plateau when you are dedicated because it just needs some tweaking and you can start getting stronger again.

Without specific attainable goals in your training program so that you can monitor your progress you will be wasting your time at the gym if you want to gain muscle. You need to set out a plan just like you set out your 5 to 6 meals that you are going to have that day before you leave home, success comes from planning correctly.

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