Steroids Ruined Bodybuilding

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Modern Bodybuilding and Steroids

How do you go from a sport that enhances health, utilizes maximum conditioning and builds up the body to a sport that tears down the body, destroys health and often has nothing at all to do with conditioning? Insert powerful drugs into the equation and this is the result.

Bodybuilding was a fantastic sport – able to turn a weak body into a powerful version of its former self. It provided the pinnacle of development, with athletic skills as well as muscle mass and a lean middle. However, drugs became part of the bodybuilding package, and things turned decidedly downhill after that.

When drugs became involved in bodybuilding, everything changed. Instead of a healthy and well-developed body, the entire focus shifted to size alone. With the advent of drugs, the aesthetic side of bodybuilding faded. It didn't fade right away, but it was gradually eroded as drugs came to play an ever-bigger role. Soon guys were spending as much or more time on procuring steroids and growth hormone as they were working out.

Drugs eventually ruined the sport. Drug users are mocked in baseball, track, and wherever the use shows up. And bodybuilding is the chief offender. The public is now aware of steroids and generally are disgusted with those who use them.

Drugs have turned bodybuilding into a joke. Bodybuilders are no longer viewed as healthy, and indeed are in worse shape than the general public realizes. Many are just steps away from a major illness induced by their use of these potent chemicals.

Bodybuilding started to decline when the majority of bodybuilders started using steroids. Even youngsters employ the drugs to get as big as possible. Ever more potent chemical mixtures are employed to make the body as "freaky" as possible. Unfortunately bodybuilders have become so freaky that they have lost whatever goodwill they originally had with the general public.

Bodybuilding was hijacked by chemicals and the story most likely won’t end well.

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