Stutter Reps

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Stutter Reps Workout

It needs to be said when talking about stutter reps that this type of training is for advanced bodybuilders who have been training for more than a few years and have used slow rep training as well as stop rep and partial rep training. Stutter reps are the top of the ladder when it comes to building muscle.

The simple reason why they are so difficult to do is the pain. Stutter reps when done correctly will be painful as hell and you need to make sure that your form and is completely free of any momentum. Stutter reps are not like stop reps or slow reps that use the eccentric contraction to increase strength.

Stutter reps use both eccentric and concentric contractions so you need to select the weight that you use for stutter reps with care. Unlike stop reps or forced reps you are not able to just increase the weight because you are 60% stronger on any eccentric lift.

When training with stutter reps you are starting the movement as normal and then lowering or lifting the weight about three inches before you reverse the movement and go back 2 or 3 inches. All of this is done with deliberate control and that is only the first half of the movement.

When you get past halfway in the movement you then do another stutter rep and reverse once again so that you are pushing the weight three inches back from where you have just come. Controlled focused movement is the only way to do stutter reps correctly with no momentum.

When you reach the bottom of the movement and you start to return to the start position the whole process is repeated as you stutter again after three inches and do another stutter as you return to the top or start. Stutter reps can be done effectively with any movement and it is not limited to only compound movements.

We know that muscle grows because of the time under tension (TUT) and we are using this to our advantage when doing stutter reps. It is recommended by the experts that you only use stutter reps with low reps like 6 or less. This makes sense as the time spent under tension will get you into a LOT of pain.

The example of a leg workout listed below doing stutter reps is a good example of how one could apply stutter reps to any workout:

Leg Extensions Stutter reps 3 sets of 6, 5 and 4 reps
Leg Press 3 X 8-12
Hack squats Stutter reps 3 sets of 6, 5 and 4 reps
Leg curls stutter reps 3 X 4-6 reps

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