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Super Sets Weight Lifting

Supersets are a great way to increase the intensity of your workout. However there are many other benefits that using supersets in your workout can help. The main advantage of using supersets when training is that you can make sure that you never slip into that dreaded plateau where you no longer increase the weight that you lift week after week.

When doing supersets it means that you will be doing one or more exercises directly after one another without resting. That means that as soon as the first set is complete you then move directly onto the next movement without taking a rest.

The major advantage of using supersets is that you can overload the muscle without needing the use of extremely heavy weights that can be dangerous if you are training alone. The use of supersets when done correctly will help you achieve the point of failure without needing to train with extremely heavy weights.

Another advantage is that it can shorten your workout time considerably. If you think that your rest period is eliminated by not resting between sets then you will be doing the same workload in a shorter space of time. There seems to be an endless variety of different supersets that you can do.

Pre-exhaustion supersets are just one example of the different types of supersets that we can do. It involves doing two different exercises targeting the same muscle group. The first exercise would be an isolation movement targeting one muscle group, followed immediately without resting to a compound movement isolating the same body-part.

A good example would be leg extensions targeting the quads, followed immediately by squats. The pre-exhaustion on the quads forces the other leg muscles used when squatting to work harder like the glutes as well as the hamstrings and inner thighs. Post exhaustion supersets would be doing the compound movement first like doing bench-press followed by D/B flys. Other types of supersets are isolation supersets where one combines two isolation exercises like dumbbells flies followed by doing a pec deck or cable crossover.

It is very popular amongst bodybuilders to train opposing muscle groups when doing a superset. The idea is to pump the blood into different opposing muscle groups to increase "the pump". The best example of this is to train bicep curls using D/B curls or barbell curls followed by skull-crushers or triceps pushdowns.

Whether you select any of the many different superset variations will depend on your experience and the results that you are getting from your current training program. One should always make sure that you are changing your training program every 4 to 6 weeks.

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