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Super Slow Motion Weight Lifting Workout

With this technique you do your reps very, very slowly and deliberately. Take about 12 seconds for the positive and about 6 seconds for the negative. You do not lockout and you must change from the positive part of each rep to the negative part very smoothly.

It takes some practice to get this style down, but it will be well worth the time spent because this is a very productive method.

You will need to reduce the weight you normally use (for regular speed reps) by 30% to 50%. All reps on all exercises will be performed in the 3-5 rep range. When you can perform more than 5 reps it is time to increase the weight.

On all pushing movements stop just short of locking out and begin the negative motion with a smooth turnaround. It is ok to pause in the contracted position on pulling movements for a second or two. When you reach positive failure on all movements keep trying to move the resistance for 10 to 15 more seconds.

Rest from 2 to 5 days in between workouts.

Workout 1 squats, dips, pulldowns or chins, shrugs.

Rest 2-5 days

Workout 2 squats, dips, pulldowns or chins, shrugs

Rest 2-5 days

Workout 3 deadlifts, overhead press or incline press, one arm db rows, curls optional.

Rest 2-5 days

Repeat the cycle.

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