Sylvester Stallone Workout

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Sylvester Stallone Bodybuilding Workout Routine

Sylvester Stallone Workout

If you've been following all Sylvester Stallone's movies then you'll know that this 65 year old man is somehow able to hold as much muscle on his body as a man less than half his age. From recent movies like Rocky Balboa and The Expendables which was done in 2010 Sly looked incredible for a 60 year old man.

Sly Stallone knows all about hard training, the muscles he carries come from hard training and if we go back 20 odd years to when he made Rocky 3, then we can see that Sly knows how to push himself. He tells us that in hindsight the training he did for Rocky 3 was too intense, too much training.

Below is just an example of the type of training Sly Stallone would do for the Rocky 3 movie. In Sylvester's own words it was stupid and unnecessary. Below is what he would do every day training 6 days a week.

20 rounds of boxing with a sparring partner in the ring

2 hours of intense heavy weight lifting

2 miles jogging plus jumping rope

Sylvester was a lot wiser when he started training for his Rocky Balboa movie that he made 20 years later at the age of 60. His body looked a lot bulkier than it did in Rocky 3 but still completely incredible for a 60 year old man to hold muscle like that. But luckily, Stallone learned from his Rocky 3 mistakes and performed a much less demanding workout, while still getting optimal results.

Below is a sample of the type of training he would do for his Rocky Balboa movie:

Monday: Chest, shoulders, and triceps then abs. He would do cardio both before his weight training and after he trained.

Wednesday: Back and biceps with cardio before and after

Friday: Full body workout then abs with cardio before and after

For his movie called The Expendables which he made in 2010, Stallone looked in incredible shape, in many fans opinion he looked better than he did in Rocky Balboa. Stallone's trainer, called Gunnar Peterson instructed him to train slightly differently each time he trained.

He would train for 90 minutes 3-5 times per week and his coach Gunnar Peterson says that he has never met anyone who trains with such intensity as Stallone. We need to qualify that this intense type of training for any 60 year-old man seems extremely unlikely.

A few years ago Stallone and his coach both admitted that he would not be able to train the way he does and carry the muscle he has without taking his HGH (human growth hormone) injections.

HGH is a growth hormone that is produced naturally in your body and it helps to maintain and build lots of muscle plus it also helps to burn fat. All our HGH levels will be naturally very high at 20 or 30 years old, after 50 these levels plummet fast with all the accompanying strength and muscle loss.

It should be added that even though Sylvester was taking HGH to gain more muscle his training and his diet were extremely strict for him to be able to hold as much muscle as he did at 60 years old. Yes he had a huge advantage over anyone else that does not take HGH regularly, but it worked for the movie.

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