Toney Freeman Workout

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Toney Freeman Bodybuilder Workout Routine

Toney Freeman Workout

For anyone that has been following top professional bodybuilding and watching those perfectly proportioned contestants that place in the top ten time and again, they will know Toney X-Man Freeman. Many of the top professional bodybuilders have a long CV of many competitions Toney did not win the first bodybuilding competition he entered but that did not stop the X-Man.

From winning the NPC Junior Nationals Heavyweight in 1993 and placing a close second a few times he came back 8 years later after competing every year as a professional bodybuilder and won the NPC Nationals Super-Heavyweight and the Overall Champion title in 2002.

Toney has placed in the top 5 at more than one Arnold Classic and placed at more than one Mr. Olympia competition. His balanced proportions together with size and some serious definition will always put him at the top of the list when looking at the best built men in the world.

Toney explains that his training routine is predictable and varied all at the same time. He does not believe in instinctive training but he does vary his workouts on a continuous basis in order to maintain that kind of muscle size. Toney believes in training hard 6 days a week.

Day 1: Legs (Quads and hams)

Day 2: Chest and biceps

Day 3: Backs and triceps

Day 4: Shoulders and traps

Day 5: Hamstrings and deadlifts

Day 6: Arms

Like many successful bodybuilders Toney knows that his body stops growing when it's no longer a challenge, so his training with volume is a natural result as he gets stronger and stronger, increasing his endurance capacity at the same time. We have not listed all 6 days of his training because you'll get a very good idea of the type of intensity this man trains with by looking at just one day of his weekly training routine.

Barbell Curls (close-grip) 4 X 10-25 reps
Preacher Curls 4 X 10-25 reps
Hammer Concentration Curls 4 X 10-25 reps
Cable Curls 4 X 10-25 reps
Overhead Triceps Extensions (seated) 5 X 10-25 reps
EZ-Bar Triceps Extensions (lying 5 X 10-25 reps
Dips 5 X 10-25 reps

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