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Am I Too Old To Start Bodybuilding

Are you too old to start bodybuilding? That would be a good question to ask Katsumi Ishimura, who started training in his 50's and went on to win multiple titles, including the Master's Olympia when he was in his 60's. And he is not alone several women have gotten an extremely late start in bodybuilding and come out being title winners.

You don't have to shoot for a title to take up bodybuilding. In fact most bodybuilders never compete on stage. But they do compete with their former build and try to best it. And there is nothing better than natural bodybuilding for transforming the physique at any age.

Bodybuilding is the one activity that you can participate in that will transform your body the quickest. And if you go the natural route, you will not only transform your body, you will also become much healthier to boot. Eating right and exercising on a consistent basis is just the ticket for a vastly improved life.

There are a few steps particular steps to take if you are just getting started in bodybuilding and are 40 or older. First, you want to warm up adequately. Don't jump right into working sets with heavy loads. Instead, take time to get not only your muscles but also your tendons, joints, ligaments and more all ready to go. Instead of a single warm up set, perform several.

Second, move into the training incrementally. Don't try to gear up to big gains immediately even if you feel like doing so! Instead, take a step by step approach, consistently increasing the challenge, incrementally increasing weight loads at a modest amount. Don't worry, over time the weight will add up and you will be working out with decent poundage.

For the best motivation, do a before and after synopsis. Get a picture of yourself and take your measurements. Then do the same thing a few months later you will be amazed at the positive change that bodybuilding has brought about for your body. And once you get hooked, it gets easier to stick with the program.

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