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The Truth about Professional Bodybuilders

If you pick up a muscle magazine on the newsstand or view a bodybuilding media website you might think professional bodybuilders really have something great going for themselves. But just like Las Vegas, beyond the glitter and glamour it has no real depth. In fact, when you look behind the façade, you see there isn't much there at all. Consider the opinion of a medical doctor, observing a lineup of champion bodybuilders onstage, who noted "there are 12 of the most unhealthy men in America." And he is right. What the professionals do to win (or attempt to win) a top contest wrecks their body and their future. It is a short-term gain with long-term negative consequences.

The top bodybuilders have to take a nasty cocktail mix of steroids, human growth hormone, insulin, synthol, and diuretics and spend time spray-painting their bodies just to be able to compete. And there is no guarantee that they will make enough money to pay even a part of what it costs to compete.

For a while everything looks great, with the muscles getting bigger and the body looking outlandish. But there is always a bill coming due for overloaded spending, and in the case of steroid and growth hormone use, the bill can be heavy.

Have you noticed how few bodybuilders have kids, for example? Bodybuilders rarely have children. Is that because their testicles have shrunken to the point of full impairment?

The bill for steroid use can be heavy as well. Have you noticed how many professional bodybuilders, NFL players, professional wrestlers, and World's Strongest Men competitors end up dying – in their 30's and 40's? The percentage is huge. Search for bodybuilder's deaths and/or professional wrestlers dying, and you will see a huge list of guys who were previously at the top of their glamour world who are now not part of this world. The bill for chemical use, when it comes due, is big and has to be paid.

There is also no get-out-of-jail free card for a professional bodybuilder. When they are caught, since steroid use is illegal, they get to spend some time in a cell instead of out making money.

Professional bodybuilding may look great in the short term, but the truth is that it isn't so hot in the long run.

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