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What happens if you only ever exercise your Upper Body?

Like the Yeti to snowy forests and like Santa to chimneys, there is a mysterious being that lurks in some gyms: the Oddbod...

A varied workout is essential to having all-round physical fitness. We all know that, right? Not everyone, it seems. There’s a sub-culture within gyms, ones that are small but consistent and often hang around the free weights.

These people mainly do two things: Bicep Curls & Tricep Curls, assumedly because they want big arms and look good, but they’re not quite getting the whole picture.

The results aren’t great…

upper body only workout

What do they want from it?

When muscle building and bodybuilding using whey protein, the tendency can be to go for the most immediately-visible parts. In theory- their wrong theory- it will make them look good and have big muscles.

The reality, though, is that the muscles will be damaged, not be given enough time to repair micro-tears, and a result, not get any bigger. They may even get smaller.

You will also look like an idiot. It’s important to remember that one, if you care.

How to do it better

There are a million articles, blogs and guide on the internet, giving you the top techniques or the best workouts for a particular thing, so we’re not going to bother giving you that.

The key point, or at least the one I’m currently making, is that variety is important, more important than you may have thought before, and still important even when you only want to build up certain muscle areas.

If you really want them, here are some of those previously mentioned workouts, take a look at Flex magazine.

Other bad techniques

Too much on the arms is not the only bad technique commonly seen amongst the gym crowd. There is a whole range, some humiliating, some annoying, but all of which do no one any favours. Here are some of our personal faves:

·         Disco fever: Identified as people flailing like a windsock as they bicep curl. This makes everyone else laugh, but you won’t be doing much to your biceps. Isolate those muscle groups, dammit.

·         Chatty Daves: Dave’s been having girlfriend troubles over the weekend. We all know this because we’ve been waiting 10 minutes to use the machine he’s sitting on while telling the story at a leisurely pace. Die, Dave.

·         Speedy Lifter: 3x12 reps AS FAST AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN. It may be a race, but you won’t win anything by doing this.

There a few more that you should avoid, but we’ll see if you’ve noticed them already first. Let us know if you have any more.

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