Vanadyl Sulfate Benefits

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Vanadyl Sulfate Bodybuilding Review

Vanadyl sulfate is a water soluble form of vanadium. That may sound mundane but this form of vanadium is hardly ever found in nature, making supplementation one way to obtain this element. Bodybuilders use the mineral vanadyl sulfate for getting huge pumps and building muscle hardness and this supplement has been in use for quite some time.

The debate is still open on whether or not vanadyl is an essential mineral. Due to its paucity, if it does turn out to be essential it is hard to obtain in nature. You can get some small amounts in mushrooms and shellfish, as well as eggs and radishes. Pepper even has a bit of vanadyl, but it is hard to load up on element like pepper so if you want more, you will need to supplement.

Vanadyl has other benefits of interest as well. One customer at Amazon noted of vanadyl: "One of the supplements we believe helped my husband CURE his former Type 2 Diabetes of 18 years!" She may be referring to vanadyl's role in helping the body control insulin sensitivity. Some studies also indicate it may lower blood sugar levels as well as drop cholesterol.

The multiple benefits of vanadyl are great but don't go overboard on intake. The dosage amount of vanadyl has to be dialed in just right. That's because a moderate amount benefits the body but too much can become toxic, and it has been noted that high doses of "vanadyl may cause liver and/or kidney damage." WebMD states "If you have kidney disease, don't use vanadium supplements" but also notes "Vanadium is LIKELY SAFE in adults, if taken in low dosages."

Vanadyl acts like a supercharger to amino acid and glucose activity in the muscles. This is especially beneficial in the "window of opportunity" right after a workout. In effect vanadyl can help your muscles and other tissue recover more quickly from a hard core workout. Vanadyl does this by refilling the glycogen stores in the muscles rapidly. If you end up feeling puny after your workouts, you may need to consider adding vanadyl to your post workout package.

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