Vic Richards Workout

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Vic Richards Bodybuilder Workout Routine

Vic Richards Workout

Vic Richards is the body-builders bodybuilder, not only because he took pumping iron to a spiritual level but because he never competed. Vic still gets paid for his bodybuilding advice by all the top professional bodybuilders because they know that he could easily beat them if he ever stood onstage.

Victor Richards is known in bodybuilding circles as the uncrowned king of bodybuilding, in his own words he did not find bodybuilding, bodybuilding found him. According to Vic bodybuilding is more than just physical and mental wellness, trophies and awards, or the drugs required to compete professionally.

When Vic was a young man he knew that he was genetically gifted to build muscle quickly but he would never train to improve his chances at the next bodybuilding show, because he never competed. He explains that bodybuilding is a holistic event in his life incorporating his mind, his body and his spirit.

Vic explains that training is a spiritual dimension for him and posing at a bodybuilding contest would be like taking a drug addicted prostitute to a church. Vic was asked constantly to guest pose at events until the head of the IFBB; Wayne Demilia banned him from guest posing in the USA.

However, it needs to be said that Vic did pose-down with the then current Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates in Germany at the FIBO held in Germany. This whole pose-down was orchestrated by a previous Mr. Universe winner John Brown. Vic looked good standing next to a 6 time Mr. Olympia winner. There are not many bodybuilders, competitive or otherwise that can say that.

Vic carries a lot of muscle because he is seriously strong, doing 900lbs squats and a 650lb bench-press for reps, or doing a D/B incline press holding two 260lb dumbbells. Vic explains that he admires the muscle density and general thickness of heavy lifters like Bill Kazmaier, Bertil Fox or Mike Mentzer and Franco Columbo.

Maybe this is why he is able to rep out with 900lbs on his back when doing squats, or doing 15 reps of hack squats with 700lbs. This man is seriously strong; with 21inch arms he quite predictably seldom does the same workout twice. His diet of 12 000 calories a day is to feed his 5'10" frame that's full of muscle, when competing around Europe at well over 300lbs.

Although Vic does train a split routine, he explains that he will know what body-part he is going to train when he walks into the gym, he just doesn't know sets and reps, or the different exercises he's going to do. Vic does not count his sets or his reps, he trains until he feels that body-part is done.

Just like his mentors The Barbarian brothers who he would train with at Gold's Gym Venice Beach, before he moved to Germany. Just like his mentors are other heavy hitters like Bertil Fox and Mike Mentzer, Vic believes in forced reps. Training to the point of complete muscle failure using less than 6 reps works for him.

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