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Vince Gironda Steak and Eggs Diet

When it comes to burning up body-fat ease-of-use is often ignored in favor of unnecessarily complicated systems and strategies for losing fat. People will often needlessly try to calculate the calories, mix and match numerous different ingredients to "increase fat-burning" and they do away with all high calorie foods, or drink nothing but fresh fruit juice for a week. The result is that they end up right back where they started which is with too much body-fat.

The very controversial Vince Gironda Diet of steak and eggs was developed by the world-renowned bodybuilding trainer Vince Gironda as a way to burn off body-fat while maintaining or even building muscle. Vince's gym was at the time directly responsible for producing more bodybuilding stars who later became professional bodybuilders than any other gym in the world.

The steak and eggs diet is a very simple easy to comprehend system of fat-loss that works. You eat only two meals each day: Breakfast and Supper, or Lunch and Dinner. For meal one you have 3/4 lb to 1 1/2 pounds of steak and 4-6 whole eggs. For meal two you eat the same thing as in meal one.

You can cook the steak and eggs in butter and use some pepper and a little salt. You can make your eggs any way you like them, scrambled, poached, sunny side up or even hard boiled. Make sure that you have no carbohydrates, no vegetables and no other foods between meals, the only thing you can drink is pure water, black coffee or tea without any sweeteners.

Every 6th day you can cheat by eating anything you want: pasta, bread, pizza, ice cream, cake, etc. So simply it's five days of nothing but steak and eggs followed by one cheat day. Continue this cycle until you have reached your ideal body-fat percentage that you were looking to achieve.

The steak and eggs diet works eliminating carbohydrates as your bodies source of energy so that it is forced to burn fat as fuel. And by carbing up every 6 days you will prevent muscle loss and get a “super pump” when you workout.

You may get a bit hungry at times when you first start the diet but that will go away because protein and fat are extremely satisfying to the appetite while carbohydrates actually make you more hungry. Once you get used to the diet you should feel great and full of energy.

Don't believe the mainstream media's propaganda against fat; the truth is that the average person is fatter now that we re eating a lower fat and higher carbohydrate diet. Fat is essential for your health and also aids in testosterone production.

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