Weight Training for Women

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It's high time you start lifting weights Know few valid reasons

Weight Training for Women

May be you've already convinced that you shouldn't lift too much weights because you wouldn't want yourself to look like The Hulk. You may think that muscles won't look good on your figure but to be frank, you're wrong! In spite of the constant dedication to different sorts of cardio machines for reasons like overall health issues, weight loss and strength training, this not only helps you build muscles but also permits you in preventing diseases, improving your mood and definitely losing weight.

If you still couldn't convince yourself about weight training, here are few smart reasons that will prompt you to work with weights.

1.      Lifting weights is the ultimate way of living longer

Majority of the types of regular exercise can actually add few more years to your life and if you opt for strength training, this can have bigger benefits. As we age, there will be less likelihood of dying prematurely if you have more muscle mass. So, this means that the greater your muscle mass is, the lower will be the risk of dying. Therefore, instead of worrying about body mass index and your weight, try to maintain muscle mass. Lift some weights!

2.      Strength training improves your sleep

People who exercise regularly, especially who love to push their limits claim that they have their best sleep when they lift weights. As per a small study done in 2014, researchers were lead to conclude that after resistance training; there was a clear reduction in the number of times participants woke up during night as against the group who didn't perform any kind of exercise.

3.      You will eventually notice your progress

You will definitely agree to the fact that there is nothing more rewarding than setting an objective and being able to achieve it on time. If you're someone who's new to strength training, you will initially find lifting weights almost impossible. But the sooner you start practicing; you will eventually notice an increase in your strength.

4.      Lifting weights increases your balance

Falling down is one of the biggest reason behind the large number of bone breaks. There are several benefits of weightlifting as it prevents incurring osteoporosis and it also improves balance and strength thereby leading to fewer falls. Research even suggests that resistance routines can diminish the rate of falling of an older person by at least 30%.

5.      Strength training gives you a toned look in your skinny jeans

No, this point doesn't mean that you should only lift weights solely for looking good but this is one among the host of other benefits. When you're concerned about slimming down, you should start doing cardio workout and thereby increase your weight lifts. With more muscle mass, you can start losing fat. Experts suggest strength training whenever you're concerned about losing fat.

Therefore, if you're someone who has been maintaining distance from strength training, you should immediately learn from the above mentioned benefits that you can reap from lifting weights. The place to know more on 30 day arm challenge is at fitnessgoals.com.

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