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Weightless Workout Programs and Exercises

By Fig

After a lot of thought, I believe I can make a much better weightless workout. I have learned a lot in the last 3 month. My knees started acting up and I could not do squats or any type of leg workout. So, after searching the internet, I found a lot of new exercises to hit legs. I am talking about good mass exercises. I figured that I had a maltracking of the patella in my knees. So, I needed to bring the strength up in my quads.

I tried to use the leg extension machine but my knees creaked and then hurt afterwards. After a few months of keeping the fight going, I am now able to use almost the whole weight stack on the leg machine. Which is better than before the injury. I never really liked the leg extension machine very much. Maybe because I stopped using it, after an injury I had on it years ago. But, I keep the form good and it is really helping. My knees don't creak anymore on it. In a few months I should be normal.

Another thing since I was doing these home exercises, was to do a few sets of push ups. My push ups have really come down over the years. So, I am going to start working on getting those up as well. I really liked the feel of the push ups. But, the main problem with doing push ups is that after a while you are left with tons of reps. I figured out some ways to keep push ups challenging.

You can get an impressive physique from push ups and other at home exercises. Don't ever let anyone tell you, you cannot do it. I am going to start incorporating some of these exercises in my normal routine. Not much sets, but some here and there to improve on. I want to be able to do 100 push ups without a sweat.

I am going to write this section much differently that any other page out there. I am going to out in some expectations. I am going to have goals for you that I want you to beat. I want you to beat the hell out of what I do.

I am going to list the exercises in groups. You can do these exercises every day with 3 sets of each or you can split them up into separate days. It matters to you. If you already hit the gym, then do these as burn out sets after your normal workout. It is okay to do a few sets of push ups or any other exercise every day. I know I write don't workout the same bodypart more than 2 days a week, but with these you can to a point. Just as long as you don't do more than 3 sets. If your reps are going down after a day or two then add time off.

I will say that, you can get much bigger using this program. Not everyone has a gym. This should get you on the right track. Don't expect a big bench press or a big squat, just the same I don't expect a big bencher to do as many push ups or one legged squats as you can do. Most of these exercises will get your power to body weight ratio up. The gym is the best thing to do, but if you don't have one this will get you in the right direction. You will be able to have a bigger bench if you do push ups. Like I said you got to use other ways to get more out of a push up.

This program is free and I put my reputation on it. I would not post crap on my page if it did not work. You will see gains in 2-3 months. The leg program works. I have tested this program and I feel it is one of the best I have ever used. I have put a lot of thought into this program and I have found many ways to use your bodyweight to lift with.

This workout requires hard work and determination. If you don't want to work, then it is not for you. It should take about 1 hour to complete.

As a base program, do the whole workout 5 days in a row and then 2 days off.

Motivation is the key here. You will get motivated. When you get done with a set of push ups, go to the mirror and see what you just did. See, what the pump just did and try to get that chest pumped to the max.

Optional equipment is as follows:

1. Set of dumbbells 10-25 pounds.

2. Milk jugs filled with water.

3. Pull up bar.

4. Towel (you need this one)

5. Two chairs (you need them)

6. Monkey bars if you have play ground in your area.

Sets and reps will consist of 3 sets of what you can do to failure. A log will be made and every day you will try to add a rep here and there. A rep here may be on the first set or the second, but try to get another rep somewhere.


Push ups on ground. When these get too easy, raise you feet up on a chair. ( try to get 3 sets of 50)

Incline push ups on chair. Put your two hands on the chair and have your feet on the ground. You can spread the chairs out or in to make it harder.

Pillow squeezes. Place a pillow in between your elbows while standing up and squeeze like you are doing a peck deck and hold for 10 seconds.


Some of these hit the chest as well. So don't worry if the push ups did not hit them as much as you wished. These will kill the arms.

Chair dips. Use the two chairs and face away from the chairs. Put your hands on the edge of the chairs and lower your self to the ground. Now lift up using your arms. You can make these harder by adding weight on your lap. ( try to get 3 sets of 30)

Close grip push ups. Put both of your hands together and do a push up. ( try to get 3 sets of 50)

Towel pulls. If you have someone that can help you, you can do these. Lay on your stomach and hold the towel behind your neck in the middle. Now have your partner try to pull the towel down to your feet. Pull away from the feet and try to work the arms.

Donkey kick back with towel. Tie the towel to a door or something that will not get broken if the towel is pulled. Now grab the one end of the towel. Lean back a little away from the wall to give the towel resistance. Now try to straighten out the arm, at the same time you have to move your body to work the resistance.


Oposite resistance curls. Hold one arm down with the other arm and curl up. Try to focus and the bicep.

Towel curls. Lay down on the ground. Place a towel under your feet. Now hold both ends of the towel and use your legs to pull down on the towel as you curl up. You can also tie the towel to a wall and lean back and curl up as well.

Underhand pull ups. Need pull up bar.


Front grip pull ups. Need pull up bar. Or you can slide under a table to where you have your head by the edge of the table. Now grab the end of the table and pull yourself up. Make sure the table will not tip over or have anything that can drop on you.


Side lateral raises with milk jugs or dumbbells. Just raise the just to each side.

Front raises. Raise the jugs or dumbbells up to the front of you.

If you have a small pair of dumbbells and you want freaky ass shoulders, then do this:

You will need a pair with about 10-12 pounds. We are going for reps here. You do all three of the following exercises in one set and keep repeating them until you cannot move. So, you may do all three exercises 5 times in one set. Do 7 reps and then move onto the other exercise and then repeat the cycle until you cannot no more. I have been doing this for 4 months and I see a difference.

1. Behind the head side lateral raises. Raise the DBs like you are doing side lateral raises, but keep going up and touch the weights behind your neck. Then repeat.

2. Side laterals.

3. Front raises.

This will burn.


One legged squats. Stand on one leg and squat. Or use both legs a squat if you are a beginner.

Wall Squats. Lean back against a wall and squat down and hold at the 90 degree position for 10 seconds.

Sissy squats. Hold a wall, lean back and squat down. As you lean back it increases the weight on the legs.

Leg Raises. Lay down on your back and raise one leg up and down as many times as you can. I can do 60 reps each leg. Try and beat that. One leg at a time not both legs. These build quads. Do not over look these.

Leg curls. Lay on the ground and place a pillow under your heel. Now try to curl the pillow to the ground. You will only push it down a little. But, you can get a good isometric workout with it.

Let extensions. Lay on your stomach and have the towel wrapped around your foot. Now try to straighten the leg out while holding towel as resistance.

If you have a partner you can use the towel for all sorts of things. Like curls. Just have them be your resistance. Think up some of your own exercises.

Note: For muscle informuscle about how to build muscle without weights checkout The Muscle Experiment.

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