Working Out Without a Spotter

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How to Work Out Without a Spotter

Some people train in a gym, some train at home. Some train with a partner, and some train alone. Training alone, or lifting weights without a spotter, can be dicey when you start to move heavy weight.

Of course having a spotter doesnít really matter when you are working on muscle groups such as the biceps, neck or calves. Pumping out some reps on the cable pushdown machine requires no assistance. Bu when you start to go heavy, and when you are using a compound movement such as the bench press or squat, you definitely want to have some safety coverage.

One of the best ways to workout without a spotter is to use a power rack. Buying a power rack is a smart start for a great home gym. You can buy a power rack that will totally protect you and it will only cost you $300. A power rack is one of the first training tools you should consider getting for this very reason. A power rack lets you use super heavy weight loads on your own.

Another consideration for training without a spotter is to avoid all the exotic movements such as the bench press to the neck (a Gironda style bench press derivative) that put your life in danger if you fail to get the weight up. You never want to be in such a position.

Although it is not recommended, some people do work out by themselves and perform movements such as the bench press. This is dangerous and not advocated, but if you do press ahead in this area, make sure you donít use collars when you lift. That way if the weight load gets stuck on your chest when benching, for example, you can tip the weight load and dump it on the floor instead of letting it press you into a pancake.

Another tactic is to use a lot of ground based movements such as the deadlift and the presses where you can lift heavy weight loads and not require a spotter.

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