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Bodybuilding Workout Finishers

What is the best way to finish out a workout? The ultimate benefit comes from a good pump. That's because you want the oxygen and blood coming in at a maximum rate, and you want the workout byproducts removed at a maximum rate, and the pump does this better than anything else (not to mention it feels and looks great also). The pump is the magic that makes all this happen. And you want to hit the zenith of the pump at the conclusion of your workout.

For the triceps, a great workout finisher is the bodyweight partial push up pump. Here is how it is performed place a bar in a bench press rack. Stand 2-3 feet from the bar, then lean forward (with feet still anchored a few feet from the bar so that you have to lean to reach the bar) and put your hands close together on the bar (roughly 8 inches apart) and push your body back up to a full extension of your arms. Immediately lower the body back down again, keeping constant tension on the triceps. Lower your body all the way down until your chest almost touches the bar, then press out again. Make this a pump movement, and perform a couple of sets of 20 repetitions for a huge triceps pump.

For the biceps, employ a cable band with a fairly stiff weight rating. At the end of the biceps workout, use the cable band to pump out a couple of sets of 20 repetitions per arm. Really get a wide range of motion and set the biceps on fire.

For the chest, finish off the workout with some explosive push ups. Blast off the floor hard enough that your hands come up and off the ground. Get those fast-twitch muscles of the chest working hard.

For the thighs, perform a couple of sets of body weight full range squats but don't lock out at the top. Drop all the way down, but stop on the upstroke a couple of inches shy of full height and keep the thighs under pressure, which produces a huge pump coming at the end of the workout.

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