DHEA and Bodybuilding

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What is DHEA?

DHEA has been hailed as a 'Fountain Of Youth', by many bodybuilding experts. Some call it a really miraculous supplement, in that it can stave off diseases in older individuals. DHEA is an acronym for dehydoeplandrosterone, which is needed by the body to produce relevant hormones in both men and women. Those hormones being, testosterone and estrogens. As we age, the body naturally produces less and less of those hormones. Medical statistical research indicates that by the time people are the age of 70 the body is producing 80% less DHEA then it did, when the individual was 30 years of age. There is some debate as to what the decrease in the DHEA levels in people actually are. However many leading medical researchers, indicate that the significant loss of DHEA in older individuals, leads to several age progressive disorders. The many acute benefits of DHEA supplements, by individuals that actually use them, are decreased appetites, which is significant in weight control. Others also indicate an increase in libido, improved memory, also remarkably many women and men that take the supplement DHEA report that it helps with the prevention and healing osteoporosis, which is a weakening of the bones, in older adults.

DHEA Benefits for Bodybuilding

Many people that regularly use DHEA report that, it improves their general well being, as far as moods, lessens depression, and can be a helpful supplement to take to help combat heart disease. There are others that also report that DHEA can help to strengthen the immune system, and help with autoimmune disease and others such as Lupus. Many people that take DHEA and bodybuilders, report that building muscle mass, is substantially easier, while taking DHEA, with much less side affects as some widely used steroids. They believe that DHEA is substantially a much safer route to take. It also has been known to help with symptoms associated with diabetes. It is also shows to be a huge support to the immune system. Many bodybuilders strive to have a strong immune system, as that is the key to staying healthy while in hard training. The stronger one's immune system the better they fair in the sport as a general rule. Not only in bodybuilding, but in others sports as well. That's why many athletes in many different arenas regularly use DHEA.

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