Tribulus Terrestris

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What is Tribulus Terrestris?

Tribulus Terrestris is a plant that produces flowering fruits which will eventually dry up and become hard spiked seeds. This plant is often found in Southern Europe, Southern Asia, Australia, and even Africa. Though it's scientific name is Tribulus Terrestris, many people know it by one of it's alternative nicknames such as Bindii, Bullhead, Cat's Head, Devil's Eyelashes, Devil's Weed, or Tack Weed.

This flowering plant has been broken down and introduced to the USA as an herbal nutritional supplement. It can be found in the forms of a capsule, a liquid extract, and in a powder form. It is most commonly used by bodybuilder's, alternating between taking it for 8 weeks, off it for for four weeks, and so on and so forth. Tribulus Terrestris is taken by bodybuilder's because it helps them to increase the natural testosterone levels within their bodies, giving them better results from their bodybuilding workouts. It has also been known that people take Tribulus Terrestris to help them with heart and circulatory issues.

It is important that those using Tribulus Terrestris follow the instructions listed on the product label. Only take the recommend dodge listed on the label. Also, this herbal supplement should be taken with breakfast on the first dose and the second should be taken right before a workout. On non-workout days take the second does in the afternoon. To avoid an upset stomach drink plenty of water and take on a full stomach.

Tribulus Terrestris Benefits for Bodybuilding

This herbal nutritional supplement has become so widely used by bodybuilders because of all of the benefits that it provides to them during their bodybuilding process. Some of those reported benefits include but are not limited to:

- An improved ability to obtain lean muscle mass.

- It increases their energy levels, allowing them to workout longer.

- Allows them to build all over muscle faster.

- Helps their bodies recover at a faster rate.

- Increases their strength potential.

- It does not show up on a drug test like other testosterone boosters.

- It gives them a better sex drive and improved overall sexual performance.

- Helps their bodies breakdown and process proteins better and at a quicker rate.

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