Alkaline Bodybuilding Diet

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Alkaline Diet and Bodybuilding

There is a new trend among bodybuilders and their dieting habits and this answer lies in the an alkaline diet.

When it comes to the difference of acidic food and alkaline foods the answers lies in the PH level. If the level is more than 7 it is considered and alkaline and if it is less than 7 it is considered an acidic food. For health and your own personal well being it is important to keep a balance between acidic food and alkaline foods alike. If those levels are not blanced within the blood there could be some serious complications with your health at some point and it can lead to illnesses further down the road.

The blessing of alkaline dieting is that it will keep the levels neutral within the blood stream. One of the major mistakes that bodybuilders tend to do is double up on their meat products. While protein is good for you, too much of it can be a very bad thing. By eating too much protein you are sending your body down the road towards illness. The ideal balance is about 70% for fruits and vegetables and about 30% for any kind of meat products.

It's important to keep healthy while bodybuilding. When you engage in bodybuilding workouts you tear away at the muscle and break down many nutrients. So you need to replenish them, both before and after.

The alkaline diet plan will not only increase your energy and health, but will also result in the physical appearance that you are striving to reach.

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