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Beta Ecdysterone Bodybuilding Review

Ecdysterone - The Spidey Bite Supplement

Peter Parker got his amazing spider strength after being bitten by a radioactive spider. This may be fantasy, but the growth power in the insect world is very real. It turns out that insects even have a growth hormone substance. The substance, beta ecdysterone, is a sterolic growth hormone found in invertebrates.

This strange sounding supplement, Ecdysterone, is a chemical found in plants as well as insects, and also in some animals. Ecdysterone has a similar structure to testosterone. And more. It is an amazing substance, capable of boosting virtually all body functions, including mental and metabolism.

Spiderman isn't the only guy who gets strong from ecdysterone. Remember Popeye? And his spinach? Spinach is rich in eco, as is quinoa and suma root. But supplements provide the most in one serving.

Russian researchers discovered something incredible about ecdysterone. What they discovered is that beta ecdysterone stimulated all muscle fibers - both the slow and the critical fast twitch muscle fibers. Some things stimulate slow twitch and some hit the fast twitch, but ecdysterone boosts both. And the Russian study found it compared similarly to Dianabol, one of the top growth steroids.

As you would expect from an insect strong substance, it does more than just push muscle growth. Ecdysterone also enhances the immune system. And it does a dozen different things. A couple of these are its ability to maintain positive nitrogen balance. It also increases protein synthesis. These two factors benefit any bodybuilder. Staying in positive nitrogen balance keeps your muscles in an anabolic state. You want to keep them anabolic and ecdysterone does so. It also enhances protein synthesis so you can get more out of the protein you eat. All of this adds up to bigger muscles.

Ecdysterone does the number one thing that every bodybuilder is looking for - it builds lean muscle mass. That is the ultimate aim for the bodybuilder, and this strange and unique substance provides it. If you are looking for more growth, look to ecdysterone.

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