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Beta Sitosterol Review Bodybuilding

Unlike many of the plant supplements that come from only a few exotic sources, beta sitosterol crops up in a lot of crops. Everything from wheat germ to rice bran to soy beans to a half a dozen other sources contains this beneficial substance.

So if beta sitosterol shows up in many areas, why supplement with it? Concentration. A supplement allows you to get a concentrated amount of beta sitosterol in a single serving. Often the amount of an element in a food source is small enough so that it has little to no effect. You may indeed eat foot elements that contain beta sitosterol and still not reap the benefits because the amount is so minimal. The answer is to get a concentrated amount via a supplement. With a supplement you can aggregate quite a bit of a substance into a bigger dose, making a noticeable impact. And you can do it day after day for maximum effectiveness.

What is the benefit from beta sitosterol? This natural element is a precursor of the anabolic steroid boldenone. Boldenone is commonly employed to get cattle to grow, and its use has also crossed over into the athletic world where it is one of the most frequently used steroids. Interestingly, the natural element beta sitosterol often gets confused with boldenone due to similar properties. That is, the food source (which is legal, by the way) may have an effect similar to or as powerful as the drugs themselves.

As with nettle extract, beta sitosterol acts to decrease the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and this translates into letting the testosterone in the body circulate freely. Beta Sitosterol doesn't just control DHT, it alos works to control anti-estrogen effects in the body by lowering cytosol and nuclear receptor values for estrogen. Lowering estrogen while freeing up testosterone is a formula for good muscle gains.

And there is more from this health promoting element. In addition to the ability to benefit testosterone activity in the body, beta sitosterol also works naturally within the body to help promote cardiovascular health. It is also quite beneficial for the prostate. And it supports healthy cholesterol levels, another natural growth factor. Finally, beta sitosterol is also used by some people to address hair loss issues.

Although beta sitosterol has been on the market for some time, perhaps you haven't tried it yet. With all of its benefits, you might want to consider it in the future.

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