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Bodybuilding Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as a bodybuilder because it kick-starts your metabolism for the day and whether you train in the morning or in the evening you will need to start off the day by digesting food again after 8 hours of sleep. The secret of speeding up metabolism is to keep your digestion working all day.

Most bodybuilders use eggs for the first meal of the day however there are many other alternatives ranging from using whey powder shakes to oatmeal. The recipe listed below is something that the 4 time Mr. Olympia winner Jay Cutler has put forward as his staple basic for his first meal of the day.

You will notice that the recipe below offers you both fat and carbs to help kick-start your day. You need to be careful about adding any sugar, as this will not only increase the calories but will also not help to keep your sugar levels stable.

Although the oatmeal selected is the instant oatmeal that is recommended by Jay one should make sure that the oatmeal that you are using is from whole grain and not a refined grain. This will help a lot in raising you blood sugar slowly and not quickly which will only cause your blood sugar to come crashing down again an hour after you have eaten.

2 packets of instant Oatmeal
1 scoop of Vanilla Caramel Whey-HD protein powder
1/4 cup of ground Almonds
1 tbsp Cinnamon
1. Pour two packets of instant oatmeal into a bowl.
2. Mix with one scoop of Whey-HD Vanilla Caramel protein powder. Add cinnamon.
3. Add hot water and mix to the consistency you prefer.
4. Top with crushed almonds.

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